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[I’m posting this here so we have something to think about for next time and to potentially save us some time discussing it at the table. Feel free to edit this page with comments or ideas (in character or out of character, whichever). -Taylor]

For the 12/4 session

Where we left off: We defeated the army of giants, but were unable to stop Armos from destroying the seal in the city’s spire. Armos flew away to the southeast, but we were able to restore the seal, at least temporarily, before the fabric of reality unraveled.

No clear-cut decisions this time: All we know is that Armos went southeast. We should probably investigate the spire more fully for any items or information of use. We’ll need to see what the damage to Spire was, but after resting up and resupplying we should head out. Armos is probably looking for another of the spires, and if he went to the southeast then he is probably heading towards the Wastes, where there are two of them in close proximity. If we’re well rested, I think we have a chance to defeat him — especially if we can get the nomads to assist us. -Taylor

For the 11/20 session

Where we left off: After returning to Spire to assist them in defense against the giant army of giants, we set off on our own to cut off the invading force at the head. We followed some tracks and found the necromancer Arianne Lorvis and a bunch of undead. We took her captive, and now must decide what to do with her…

For the 11/13 session

Where we left off: We found a bulette tooth for Rahjmar’s ritual to prevent the weight of the dead souls from undoing the seal, but we suddenly received a message from the steward of Spire that the Free Commons was being attacked by the giants.


“Before we rush into any course of action, I think we must carefully consider our options. I am not proposing any one course of action; only saying that we need to consider the potential consequences of leaving certain roads untraveled.

I have identified four time-sensitive short-term goals of ours and what may come as a result of inaction on our part: Due to the urgency of these situations, some of these options may be mutually exclusive, depending on how little time we have.

  1. Save the Free Commons from being overrun by giants
  • If we fail to act:
  • The Free Commons may be subjugated by the giants
  • Subjugated or not, the Free Commons will not be able to aid our war against Nevydia by attacking from the west.
  1. Find someone to unite the Wastes.
  • If we fail to act:
  • The scattered tribes will be unable to offer serious support in the war against Nevydia by attacking from the south.
  1. Preserve Rahjmar’s seal and contain the world’s spirits
  • If we fail to act:
  • The weight of the dead exerting pressure on the other seals may undo Meyvn’s Refuge; what sort of catastrophe may follow is unknown.
  1. Topple Nevydia
  • If we fail to act:
  • Nevydia may defeat the Fey in a war

As I see it, these goals can be categorized into two broader, long-term goals:

  1. Topple Nevydia
  • To do this, we will need at least the support of the Free Commons or the Wastelanders, if not both
  1. Prevent the Refuge from being undone
  • To do this, we need to collect these four components to finish Rahjmar’s enchanting ritual: A bulette tooth (which we have); a dragon’s heart (which we may have); a necromancer’s tears; and a leaf from Kahziel’s tree (which will require significant time to travel to Caer Kahziel)

The question we must ask ourselves is perhaps not ‘What do we want to achieve?’ but rather ‘What are we willing to lose?’"


Basically, option 1 is the only option.

If we focus on the ritual, and save the world. Where are we? Neyvidia conquers the fey and has free reign in the wastes and the Free Commons are subjugated by giants. Not much of a world to live in.

If we can gather components while we topple Neyvidia, and finish the ritual…good. What’s the point of being alive, if being alive is terrible?


A valid concern. Something just came to mind: The Nevydian Over-General came to the Wastes to find Rahjmar’s dagger because their seers told them it would mean the difference between victory and defeat in the upcoming war. Aside from preventing them from getting ahold of the dagger, we have also killed their Over-General. We may have at least delayed their operations, giving us more time, and they may not even be able to defeat the Fey without their “trump card.”

At the same time, it would be preferable to not give them a chance to reorganize completely from this setback. They are more vulnerable now than they may ever be in the near future.

I would propose that, before we leave the wasteland, we take Meyvnhold. If we could recruit some nomadic clans in the effort, the city should fall quickly. The Nevydians would not be able to take the city back due to its isolation, and securing the spire there would give us safe access to a teleportation circle in the Wastes. (Incidentally, I would also not mind looting the spire for magical components)


How likely is it that the giant attack is coordinated with the Nevyidians? (Giants take slaves, right? Sounds familiar…) So taking out the giants also helps with the Topple Nevyidia option while also getting us closer to our (maybe) dragon heart and Kahziel’s tree.

How long would it take to claim Meyvnhold? I vote against a long siege, but we could get Garesh to bring the tribes he’s claimed to have gathered and bring them in through the portal of the mage we originally met. (I’m saying Garesh because we’re going to need his help – I don’t see the Khan as someone who can trust anyone else [much less other races] long enough to even try bringing people together. And even then, will the other tribes want to follow him? Is the best case scenario Garesh accepting a role as “recruiter” for the Wastes? Back on topic below.)

If we think we can take Meyvnhold in a day, then I say let’s go for it. If not, then we leave instructions for the tribes to take it. But once we figure that out, we need to go to Spire ASAP, which helps with at least 2 of the objectives (gather materials for Rahjmar and stop the giants) and possibly helps with another objective (causing more issues for Nevyidia). Also, once we get to Spire we can try to talk to the Fey again – did we ever hear back from our first message to them?

Are there any tribal groups we should target as potential troops for our Meyvnhold assault? i.e. Are there any less nomadic tribes that would like to find a permanent home? Do we just burn the city to the ground once we take it so that no one else can claim it, nor use it as a center for slavery?

Next steps

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