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The Free Commons: A confederation of free cities.

  • Spire: Where our story began.

Nevydia: A powerful kingdom that once covered most of the continent.

Caer Kahziel: A Fey city in the Northern Forest

The Wastes: The southern desert peopled by nomads.

Meyvn’s Sacrifice

Meyvn’s Sacrifice: An ancient tome detailing Meyvn’s sacrificial ritual.
Meyvn: The cleric
Nevydia: The paladin of Pelor
Rahjmar: The druid
Kahziel: The wizard
Jorath: The barbarian

Curious Objects

Ancient Amulet: An ancient amulet recovered from a burial chamber near Spire.
Ice Scepter:

Historical Figures

Meta-game information

Next steps: Here we can post notes and hold discussions about important details for the following session.

Main Page

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