Frost is a razorclaw shifter from a clan of nomads inhabiting the arid regions at the far reaches of the continent. At the behest of his clan’s khan, he is traveling the world in search of powerful magic, technology, and knowledge that will help his clan defend itself from the dangers by which it is constantly surrounded.

Frost is xenophobic and taciturn, and, characteristic of his nomadic upbringing, has no patience for (nor understanding of) social niceties. He spends much of his time in quiet meditation, but he is quick to anger and, during the heat of battle, conjures up his telekinetic talents with wild, feral gestures.

Frost carries with him at all times a journal in which he records everything of interest — at times even the most mundane details. He maintains that expanding the breadth of his knowledge helps him attune the precision of his psionic ability, and during periods of meditation he siently recites inconsequential historical facts, specious religious hymns to various gods, and so on over and over again help him focus his mind for upcoming battles.

Frost’s psionic powers emerged on his first hunt, when a mountain goat that was escaping his pursuit was suddenly thrown by an invisible force off the side of the mountain. The shifter clans are a notably superstitious, especially those so isolated from civilization as Frost’s; stories passed down from history said that children with such powers were ill omens, possessed by demons, etc. The huntmaster immediately brought Frost to the khan to decide what to do with the child, but the khan cast aside the calls for the boy’s death. The khan declared that the child would be raised to cultivate his powers for the benefit of the clan, but would be put to death if he brought bad luck to the tribe. (Several tribesmen challenged the khan after this decision but were summarily defeated)

Over the years, Frost lived in relative isolation and eventually learned to read and write. The clan dealt with nomadic traders for old, tattered books that had made their way, one way or another, from the distant civilized lands to the tribal regions. A secluded, scholarly life among a tribe of nomads and being viewed with suspicion for most of his life made Frost even more taciturn and surly than his clansmen, if such is even possible. His clansmen never fully came to accept him, as the psionics that he used to hunt and endure the harsh elements of their environment would always set him apart from their deeply ingrained way of life.

Eventually, the khan declared that it was time for Frost to go out beyond the horizons, past which none in the tribe had ever ventured, and gather knowledge that would make the clan not only the strongest of all the nomadic tribes, but powerful enough to resist the incursions of “civilized” folk into their homeland. Mist, one of the khan’s children, was sent along to be his guardian. Frost knew that his tribesmen considered him likely to die on this quest, and that Mist was sent to watch him for any signs of treachery more than to protect him.


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