Bleidd was the firstborn of one of Ravenhold’s many powerful noble families—his father even claimed its oldest, most noble family. Their mansion’s walls were lined with tapestries and expensive portraits.

His birth, however, was cursed. He was born on the celebration-day of a rival noble family. The birth itself was so taxing and unfortunate, that his mother passed away. His father, always a dutiful husband, decided three days later to follow her.

Bleidd was raised by a caring, but superstitious protector. This man robbed him blind. He spent his childhood learning of the ways of the merchant class (unsuitable for a noble boy), how his father had squandered the family’s wealth (untrue), and that he was the last scion of a once-powerful family, doomed to die without heirs (unfortunate).

His innate magical powers became legendary the day he learned of his protector’s robbery. He shouted the old man into a puddle of bone fragments and shock-cooked goo.

He became a powerful merchant, selling, trading, dealing, mostly in contraband and black-market wares for Nevydian soldiers. He hired knolls and goblins to transport his goods, but was always dismayed when they joined the Neyvidian alliance and stole his wares. He hated slavery because it hurt his business. His arch nemesis was the merchant Armos, who always seemed able to undercut him or beat him to special artifacts. Bleidd challenged him to several duels, hoping to kill him to make his sales easier, but Armos never accepted. Bleidd vowed to kill him somehow, some day, just to do it.

Along with the legend of his dangerous magic and his cursed life grew the stories of his greed. Knowing he would sire no heirs, he could lapse into periods of almost childlike naïveté or dangerous psychopathy—shiny objects, piles of gold, new daggers, all could turn him into a mindless beast.


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