Meyvn's Refuge

The Unfinished Ritual

  • The party returned to Rahjmar’s spire and found him conversing with a wasteland druid. Rahjmar had called him there to assist him with locating specific ritual components necessary to fully transfer the enchantment that had been on the crystal dagger to his own body, as the ritual had not been adequately completed the first time around.
  • The following components were required for the ritual: The tooth of a bulette; a leaf from Kahziel’s tree; a necromancer’s tears; and the heart of a dragon.
  • The Khan was affronted at having been brought to the animated desiccated husk of a dragonborn and threatened to leave. However, he was persuaded to stay and undergo Rahjmar’s tests.
  • The party went with the druid to find the tooth of a bulette. Mist and Frost knew that such monsters were relatively numerous at the edge of the Wastes, so the party trekked for a couple of days and reached the tall cliffs that marked the edge of the known world.
  • Before the party had fully settled into camp, the druid wandered up the cliff path and was attacked by gargoyles. During the ensuing fight, a bulette appeared. The party managed to retrieve victory from the jaws of defeat and a tooth from the jaws of the bulette.
  • During the night, Frost occupied himself in scavenging the bulette corpse for alchemical reagents. While studying the creature’s anatomy, he noticed that it had several organs adapted for the purpose of absorbing magic that were severely underdeveloped – in this eureka moment, he concluded most decisively that all creatures on the continent were cut off from the greater flow of magic due to Meyvn’s refuge; as a result, the adventurers, too, would be unable to reach their full potential while the refuge still stood…
  • Early the next morning, Frost received a Sending message from Tormund Kane: A humongous army of giants had overrun the dwarven kingdom and was now threatening the Free Commons; Spire needed its heroes.



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