Meyvn's Refuge

The Giant Army of Giants

  • A great decision stood before the party: Return to Spire immediately? Continue their work in the Wastes? Or retrieve Rahjmar’s ritual components as quickly as possible?
  • Frost sent a Sending message to Rahjmar, inquiring whether the Khan had passed his tests. While waiting for a response, the party began a pool on what the answer would be; Hester and Bleidd in particular were certain that the Khan had failed. Nevertheless, Rahjmar responded with a firm “Yes.” Elated, Frost sent another message to the Khan, congratulating him and, at Meryn’s suggestion, hinting that the Khan should seek to conquer Meyvnhold as soon as possible. The Khan replied: “Meyvnhold will only be the first to fall. Our armies march.”
  • With that loose end tied up, the party agreed that they needed to return to Spire immediately, first to retrieve the dragon heart from Frost’s laboratory, and then to assist in the city’s defense. They opened a portal and stepped through into the city.
  • Tormund Kane and Grom, a dwarven military commander, briefed the party on the situation: An army of giants and ogres, under the leadership of a frost giant, had overrun the dwarven fortresses and was now marching in this direction. The fortresses may have held, had it not been for the sudden rising of the dwarven dead within the strongholds: A necromancer was among the army of giants. All that remained of the dwarven kingdom was now in Spire, which was also being readied for evacuation.
  • The party decided to scout ahead and see what information they could gather. They traveled into the area ravaged by the marauding invaders and found a destroyed settlement. By studying the tracks, Mist learned that a human had passed through along with an ogre and a swarm of shambling zombies. She led the party in their direction, where they discovered a campsite guarded by the undead.
  • Having the advantage of surprise, the adventurers were able to mow through the crowd of zombies on their way towards their ultimate targets, a disgusting, undead ogre and none other than their old foe, the necromancer Arianne Lorvis.
  • The party fared well enough in the battle until the undead ogre spat out two swarms of baby stirges, which antagonized the combatants and nearly killed all of them. Meanwhile, Bleidd sat on a nearby rock and shared a beer with his new demon pal, occasionally throwing whirlwinds and lightningbolts in the direction of the fight.



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